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Instant National Criminal Records Check

Since 2002, our instant background checks have been searching our national criminal records database that currently covers 44 of the most populated states in America. Our databases are regularly updated and currently contain almost 700 million criminal records. All criminal record searches are instantly returned and your results will appear on-screen in seconds. Click Here for a sample report.

And as a bonus to the instant national criminal searches, our results also query all 50 state's sex offender registries at no additional charge. And for your convenience, all instant criminal and background check results are also emailed to you as well as being displayed on-screen in your computer's browser for easy printing. Click Here for our criminal coverage.

Are you a licensed business, investigator or researcher and want access to SSN Traces, wholesale priced criminal records, credit header searches and varius other public records and skiptracing/fraud investigation tools? Click Here to learn more about our corporate solutions that are offered to those clients. Almost 30 different databases and searches are available at the lowest pricing available.

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Instant State Criminal Records

Instantly search for convictions in one of the 44 states that are available. Over 700 million records.   click to search

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Instant Background Check Reports

Background Checks instantly return criminal convictions, address history, assets and more.  click to search

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Federal Criminal Records

Search Federal District Courts for criminal records. Quick response times. Results within 24 hours.  click to search